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Birthday parties

Rabat Zoo visitors have the opportunity to celebrate their birthdays in a pleasant area and welcome their guests to the party room located in the educational farm.

Two packs are proposed for
the anniversary celebration:

Pack gold

  • Birthday room
  • Access to the zoo
  • Zoo taxi tour
  • Photos with the parrot
  • The mascot
  • Goats feeding
tarifs : 2200 dhs ttc :

Pack silver

  • Birthday room
  • Access to the zoo
  • Zoo taxi tour
  • Photos with the parrot
tarifs : 1800 dhs ttc :


Rabat Zoo visitors can assist to feeding sessions of different animal species to discover the food rations necessary for their balanced diet.
For the giraffes, the Zoo offers the opportunity to participate in the feeding of this specie with the supervision of an animal keeper through a dedicated platform for this activity.


Guided tour

Rabat Zoo offers guided tours for groups starting 20 people (kids and adults). The guided tour is organized by the entertainment veterinary team.
The tour circuit includes five African ecosystems reproduced within the Zoo. During the visit the participants benefit from an explanation given by the zoo team.

200 dhs per guide for 20 person maximum.


Zoo Taxi

In addition to the traditional walking tour, Rabat Zoo offers to its visitors a new way of escape: the zoo taxi tour

Under the theme « Explorers of the Wild encounter » Rabat Zoo organizes team building actions for companies wishing to create or reinforce their employees’ cohesion.
This team building consists on finding riddle answers throughout the circuit and being the first to make it to the final stage, while overcoming the difficulties imposed on the participants at the beginning of the game (eyes bandage, bag filled with stones to wear, feet attached…)
The activity strengthens the relationship between all members of the participating teams by helping each other overcome the handicaps of each one of them.

Zoo campus

Rabat Zoo organizes “Zoo Campus” training during school and summer holidays to provide children aged 6 to 12 with a fun experience in the zoo.
Children participate in guided tours, educational workshops, in fun games and manual workshops (painting, recycling, plaster molding …).
Children supervision is provided by the educational coordinator of the zoo.