Educational workshops

The environmental education program offered by Rabat Zoo is intended for children aged from 5 to 12 years and covers the following subjects:

Pedagogical Workshops

  • Animal diet Discovery of animal nutrition according to the number and types of foods that are consumed.
  • Animal classification Discovery of the classification of animals by observing the characteristics of animals: feathers, hair...

Ludo-educational workshop

  • Gardening workshop With a small shovel in his hands, your child can now plant like a big one.
Duration Prices
45 Min 35 dh

Educational farm

Spread over 5 hectares, the educational farm contributes to children’s environmental education, and offers an additional attraction that focuses on recreational activities especially designed for children and their families.
Ecological activities, farm work such as milking or mowing, contact with domestic animals and feeding of animals are all components of the learning experience within the educational farm.

School Visits

In recent years, zoos have become real places of learning and discovery.

During a school trip to the Rabat Zoo, children discover animals in five African ecosystems reproduced in the image of their original habitats.

This experience allows young visitors to understand the importance of biodiversity and to discover the fauna and flora of their region.