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The 5 biozones


Rabat Zoo presents a simulation of the Middle Atlas ecosystem with a presentation of two hills and 14 meters high rocky ledges.
The animal population in these area includes certain species of typically Moroccan fauna such as the Atlas lion and the Barbary sheep.


Mountain animals

The Savannah

This ecosystem is simulated by lowland landscapes surrounded by savannah vegetation. These spaces help to discover some of the most remarkable animal species on the planet: elephants, lions, giraffes, white rhinos, eland antelope, ostriches, baboons…


The desert

This ecosystem is presented in the form of sandy and rocky landscapes showcasing subservient animal species in Saharan environment, including different species of Saharan antelopes such as oryx, addax, gazelles and fennecs.



This ecosystem is represented by lowland landscapes surrounded by forests. An observational structure is set up to enjoy watching hippos and underwater crocodiles, creating a face-to-face experience with these animals.



The Zoo offers a walking circuit in the rain forest reproducing all the sounds and smells of the forest, which help to discover specific species such as lemurs, many birds’ species in a large aviary, chimpanzees…


Tropical Forest animals